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Black Photo Booth Skins Carry BagBlack Photo Booth Skins Carry Bag 5

Black Photo Booth Skins Carry Bag


Black Photo Booth Skins Carry Bag

If you’re looking for a very strong, easy to handle carry bag made for one set of photo booth skins (5 panels), then our Black Photo Booth Skins Carry Bag is the perfect essential accessory for you.

Our carry bag has many features which makes it the best on the market. It is made from a thick durable material to hold up to 22kg of weight, as well as wide carry straps with a unique cross-stitching finish to hold them securely in place.

It is a cheaper yet just as effective option over the skin tube, which can be folded when not in use if you have limited space. Even though the carry bag has all these amazing features to make it tough and robust, the bag itself is very lightweight and easy to manipulate to make it effortless to get your skins in and out as needed. Please use both handles to carry.

Dimensions for the skins carry bag when fully extended are;

Length 122cm
Diameter 34cm

*Holds up to 22kg of weight

Please use both handles when carrying. Using one handle only to carry may result in shorter lifespan.